[VIDEO] Mengungkap RAHASIA Yakjuj Makjuj Gog Magog di Akhir Zaman Malay Subtitel

Salam, This New series will attempt to uncover and explain the world of GOG AND MAGOG like no series has done before. It is a very well researched series, that will explain the Big Picture to the viewer, in order to reach a clearer understanding of the world we live in today. Many have attempted to shed light on the subject of GOG AND MAGOG in the past, whether from the historical, the Christian, Jewish or Muslim perspective, but always failed to fill in the gabs. This series will do this subject justice once and for all. Edited and Produced by Bushwack Bushwack Productions presents Gog and Magog Please Rate, Comment and Subscribe and most importantly, spread the message. I've elected to release the opener early, in order to fill in the gabs with the waiting period of the Phase 3 series. Look for part two to be released in early Dec, 2009, and will continue to be released between the Phase 3 release dates.

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